[FIXED!] Bug Notice: Feather and Weight power-ups

[NOTE: This post is outdated. The bug described herein was fixed as of version 1.0.1.]


There is currently an inconsistently-occurring bug in which collecting a Feather or Weight power-up causes the game to lock up and become unresponsive. This bug has thus far proven impossible to reproduce in the Unity editor, and it does not occur consistently in the shipped build of the game, which makes tracking down the source virtually impossible at this time.

If this happens to you, try alt-tabbing out of the game and back in - this may fix it and allow gameplay to continue. If this does not work, try force-quitting and restarting the game. It should run without incident afterward.

Clockwork Anomaly, LLC apologizes for this bug and any inconvenience it may cause, and hopes that you will still enjoy Spin the Beat.

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