Coming soon: The Tune-Up-Date!

A major update is currently in the works for Spin the Beat. This update won't include any new gameplay content, but it will feature a near-complete overhaul of the game's behind-the-scenes operations - an all-around "tune-up," if you will. Much of the game's code is being adjusted or replaced outright in order to provide a smoother and cleaner experience.

During development, a lot of Spin the Beat's components ended up being hard-coded as a shortcut to get the game out more quickly after numerous delays. While doing so definitely served that purpose and provided the desired gameplay experience for the end user, it's far from optimal and makes updating certain components a hassle. Those hard-coded elements are being gutted in the Tune-Up-Date and replaced with new, modular systems that can be easily expanded as content is added in future updates. Some highly inefficient code is also being replaced with streamlined iterations in the hope of providing vastly-improved performance on most systems.

Even though most of the changes are under the hood, you'll still see a couple of tweaks on the front-end, including a big change to one of the game's "bogus" power-ups and a new in-game Options menu replacing the Unity launcher at startup. Stay tuned for news about when the update will go live!

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