Version 1.0.1 is Now Available!

Spin the Beat has just been updated to Version 1.0.1! This patch fixes a bug involving power-ups while cleaning up some other minor things.

Full changelog:

- Fixed an occasional game-lockup issue with power-ups - all power-ups should behave without issue now
- Removed some unused HUD elements and shifted others around to fill in the space
- Decreased volume of respawn sound in the Cave level
- Adjusted position of the "How to Play" panel that appears when starting a round - it now no longer obstructs the view of the stage quite so much

The distribution method for the game has also been changed: rather than a setup executable, the game will now be packaged as a .zip archive containing the game files, with a Readme explaining how to install the files. This is being done to make installing updates much easier for the end user, as well as to make distributing content updates much easier on the developer's end.

Work is also being done to get a Mac version up and running. Stay tuned for more info - hopefully Spin the Beat will becoming to Mac OS X very soon!

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