The Tune-Up-Date is Live!

It's finally here - the Tune-Up-Date is live and ready for action!

As said in the previous post, this update doesn't add any new gameplay content, but it does completely overhaul the game's behind the-scenes operations in the hope of providing improved performance on some systems, as well as making adding features in future updates MUCH easier.

Even with no major content additions, there are still a handful of gameplay tweaks snuck into this update!

- First, the Orange enemies in all stages have had their speed reduced significantly. They should now be much easier to evade and dispatch with a Push Attack.

- Second, the Bullseye bogus power-up has received a major change. Previously its only effect was to cause enemies to prioritize the player(s) who picked it up over the other players, which meant it did nothing in singleplayer and wasn't super-potent even in multiplayer. Now, however, any Orange, Green, Blue, or Pink enemies targeting a Bullseye-carrying player will move much more quickly than usual! (Their speed returns to normal when targeting a non-Bullseye-carrying player. Red and Yellow enemies are unaffected since they don't target players specifically.)

- Finally, the Unity launcher that appeared on startup is gone, replaced instead with an in-game options menu. This means that Spin the Beat can now be played entirely with a gamepad once you launch it - no more need for a mouse or keyboard to get past that pesky launcher!

If you see any other significant gameplay changes that you weren't expecting, as well as any new bugs, please don't hesitate to report them. Have fun!

For full behind-the-scenes patch notes, read below.



- Complete replacement of all menu code - all menus now use a modular system that makes adding new menu options and tweaking existing ones vastly easier than before, as well as hopefully smoothing out menu operations for the end user.

- All HUD elements have had their placement adjusted to provide a better experience at extremely high and extremely low resolutions, as well as correct text overflow problems at all resolutions.

--- Please note that while the game is playable at resolutions higher than 1920x1080, these are not considered officially supported at this time due to how menus are managed in-game, which may cause inactive menus to be visible at the edges of the screen at these extremely high resolutions.

- Cleaned up lots of redundant and sloppy code, replacing many poorly-implemented timers and loops with coroutines, which are a much cleaner way of handling repeating functions and timers.

- Fixed players who were active in the previous game having to re-join upon returning to the main menu - in other words, if player 2/3/4 was playing in the last round, they are automatically set to "Ready!" on the main menu after the game ends.

- Orange enemies have had their default flight speed reduced.

- Picking up a Bullseye power-up now causes enemies targeting you to move 50% faster than normal. (Previously, their speed did not change.)

- Removed the Unity launcher and replaced it with an in-game Options menu. This menu offers options for resolution, windowed mode, and overall graphical quality.

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