The Spooky Update is Live!

It's the spookiest day of the year, and Spin the Beat's Spooky Update has arrived just in time!

This update brings with it a brand-new stage full of tricks and treats. The player avatars from the Neon stage have donned their Halloween costumes and been spirited away to an eerie cemetery amidst mysterious towers, where just about anything can happen! Try not to get too spooked...

Features of the new "Spooky" stage:

- Watch out for the headstones as the stage spins - they might just catch you off-guard and fling you to your doom!

- Both the players and enemies have received a total Halloween makeover.

- Unique music in the ever-bizarre time signature of 5/4.

- No indication whatsoever of which way the stage is about to turn - it's always a surprise!

- A special "Trick-Or-Treat" event that may occur in place of regular events. During this event, treat bags will spawn on the stage. Pick one up and you might get a treat ... or a nasty trick! How will you know which you'll get? The only way to find out is to pick it up...
--- As this event involves power-ups, it will not occur if you turn off power-ups on the game menu.

As always, please report any unexpected issues you encounter. Happy Halloween!

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